Boudoir Photography in our Studio | Husband and Wife Team | Houston TX

Boudoir Photography in our Studio | Husband and Wife Team | Houston TX

Boudoir Photography in our Studio | Husband and Wife Team | Houston TXBoudoir Photography by My Sensual Gift is a truly fun experience! Our Boudoir Photography Studio consists of three main parts. We have our main photography studio with a white infinity wall, an upstairs "loft" boudoir photography studio and then the outdoor studio complete with wooded areas, a pond and waterfall and more!  At My Sensual Gift, we do stock a large variety of props including costume jewelry, fur coats, hats, shoes and more!  We even have $10,000 dollars of "movie money" as props.  A sexy girls needs a fair amount of money you know!!!

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Boudoir Photography in our Studio | Husband and Wife Team | Houston TX
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Boudoir Photography in our Studio | Husband and Wife Team | Houston TXOur main boudoir photography studio is wonderful for getting the images you truly want. Lucinda and I have many different types of lighting from soft light to very strong theatrical spot lights... giving you a truly innovative boudoir photography studio look! As you've seen above there are many lighting solutions to make you look great in the main boudoir studio.  Be the sexy you that you are and delight your love immensely with our husband and wife team boudoir photography service!  The studio also has a built in staircase that looks great in photographs.

Our Loft Boudoir Photography Studio is really cool and has antique furniture and pre-made sets to give you a one of a kind look!  There is a nice window for windowlight boudoir photographs and there is also a heart-shaped daybed we photographed Anna Nicole Smith on!  How cool is that!

There are many advantages to our outdoor boudoir studio!  We have wooded areas, a machine shop (yes... some boys and girls like that!), an outdoor shower as well as an upper sunning deck with beautiful trees in the background.  There is even a bubble bath tub on the uppersunning deck for your sexy boudoir photographs!

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