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Sexy Alter Ego Photography

glamour photography by My Sensual Gift in Houston Texas

Sexy Alter Ego photography is all about showing two different personalities! As these Alter Ego photos show, there's a causual side and then a very sexy photograph of you in your Alter Ego personality! Let's face it... we ALL have a "normal" and "sexy and sensual" side of us we don't necessarly want everyone to see. Just some important people in our life! Alter Ego sexy photography is a lot of fun! You know, you've seen people on the street and you've wondered what they would look like made up in lingerie or club wear. This genre of sexy photography does that depicting you in your "normal" life and then your "bad sexy self"! How cool is that! Again, you'll love our Sexy Alter Ego photography... so try it, you'll be glad you did!

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Notice: All photos and text are copyrighted by Nolan Conley, Inc., a dba as My Sensual Gift

We really enjoy doing sexy Alter Ego Photography and you don't have to be from Spring or Houston Texas, we have clients from neighboring cities, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin and even from out of state! Basically, we take a photo of you looking "normal" and dressed that way as well in everyday attire.

Next, you change into your sexy or dare I say... "slutty" look! Your love will very much enjoy this! Remember, here, the skimpier the outfit, the better and you can get many outfits like this online! Have fun with it!  

Lastly to make the photo work, we merge the two looks into one as you see depicted in the photos. Also, a little acting goes a long way with this as you need a "shocked" look and a "highly sexualized look". And that is what makes it so much fun seeing the finished product!

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