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Best Artistic Nude Photography by Nolan & Lucinda Conley of My Sensual Gift™ Sexy Photography

The best in nude photography! What does it take to become the best in nude and artistic nude photography? It seems nowadays that there are many photographers who purport to specialize in nude photography and boudoir photography. These photographers have a camera and a business card and in our area of the country you don't need any certification, so I guess that makes them a photographer! Anyone can claim to be the best nude photographer, but what does it really take, how can you separate those who talk a good line from those who actually know what they are doing?

I am a male photographer who photographs nude and artistic nude work and I work alongside my wife to which I've been married since 1983. On various platforms we have well over 300 five-star reviews for our nude and artistic nude photography. We have been doing this type of photography for over 30 years! Additionally we have not had any problems except for one lady who didn't like her hair, we fixed the problem right away and now she's happy. There are several main ingredients to becoming the best in nude and artistic nude photography.

Want to Be The Best in Nude and Artistic Nude Photography? The first ingredient, is integrity. A nude or artistic nude client comes to us because they want to give something very special and personal to the person they love. They have looked at the nude and artistic nude photographs on our website and they can see the quality that goes into the work. When we tell a customer we are going to do something, we do it! Our nude and artistic nude photography clients are never misled about pricing, services or any other aspects of our work.

Being kind and respectful kinda goes a long way with Boudoir and Nude Photography. You show your integrity by being respectful to the client. When a lady comes in and "bears all", the photography team needs to treat that woman with the ultimate of respect. At our studio when a customer does nude or artistic nude photography, I turned around, giving her some privacy during outfit changes and make jokes about "counting the cracks in the ceiling" or something else equally stupid just so I'm not staring at the client while they're changing their outfits. This is one reason why we are so highly rated and the best at nude and artistic nude photography. My wife is there to help our clients with whatever they need is far as hair adjustment, jewelry selection and more. She is always with me at the shoot, and I wouldn't want it any other way. My wife Lucinda is a very valuable asset to me and our company! So I think it's important to realize that most nude and artistic nude photography clients come into our studio fairly nervous. Many don't know what to expect, and so it's natural to be a little bit leery of the unknown. It's a little funny sometimes, when a client comes in our door and they see that there actually is a Mrs. Conley along with a Mr. Conley, the photographer, they can have a sign of relief on their face as I'm sure there thinking "it's so great that there's actually a woman here and it's not just a marketing ploy".

Nude and artistic nude photography, when you really stop to think about it, is somewhat humorous in relations to how men and their women react to it! We like to have fun at our photo sessions and that's what we do! I think I tell some of the dumbest jokes on the face of the earth, about how God made man think one direction and women think the totally opposite direction! I also use my brother-in-law's and a lot as the brundt of my humor. Please don't tell them, they don't know that they are the butt of many of my jokes! Humor helps to relieve the nerves, and it also helps our client have a great time. We have ladies come in who were almost petrified before their session… And at the end of their session, many are walking around naked, just as happy as can be wondering what to put on next or what will the next shot be! I know this sounds crazy, but it's actually very true. When you combine integrity, respect and humor together you get comfortable ladies who do great shots for the person they love!

One last thing. To be the best at nude and artistic nude photography a photographer must realize that this is not for the photographer so they can look at naked ladies. This is about helping a really nice client get the nude and artistic nude photography they want to give as a gift to the person that THEY love. The photographer's place is just to help the client achieve the goal that she wants for the person that means the most to her in her life! So I'll say it again, integrity, respect and humor all come together to make a very happy client and a successful outcome for the person they love!

Call us today at 281-320-8644 and you'll be glad you did!

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