Sexy Photography Parties by My Sensual Gift™ ™
Sexy Photography Parties by My Sensual Gift™ ™
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Sexy Photography Parties by My Sensual Gift™


Sexy Parties with 4 or more girls at our studio are a lot of fun! 


When you and three or more* of your friends have a Girl’s Nite Out Boudoir Photo Party, we’ll provide you and your friends with a Retouched and Enhanced 5x7 for each of you receive within a week. We will host the party at our studio and provide a bottle of wine and a snack tray! The lady that put this party together will receive 2 - 5x7s, Retouched and Enhanced! Have more ladies... want hair and makeup... Call us at 281-320-8644!
It’s assured to be a fun time had by all!
* We REQUIRE at least 4 paid clients to these parties, there are no exceptions.  For example, if only two show up, they would split the cost of the other two people who didn't show.  One outfit per lady. 

Before your purchase the Buy Now Party or the Party Gift Certificate... the amount will be $276.00 plus sales tax. You will need to secure payment from the other participants part for the Buy Now Party Charge.  We require a minimum or 4 paid clients of $69.00 each... hence the $276.00 plus tax charge.

This Purchase is NOT Refundable. Any reschedules need to be done 2 days in advance of the existing party date for your party purchase to be carried over to the new date.

  The low cost is a sexy $69* each!
Call 281-320-8644 today to book!
  *sales tax will be added