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I'm Nervous...Who's at the Shoot?Where is your studio?
Can I bring a friend?Is the photographer male/female?
But I've got Flaws..
• I need help with posing...
Do you have an outdoor location? • What are your packages
Do you have Professional Hair & Makeup? • How long to get photos?
What are Boudoir Photos?Fine Art Nudes?Glamour Photography?
I want some of each...How old must I be?The Process
When can I see the Photos?Are there any Limits on Content?
How secure are my photos... I don't want them showing up elsewhere?
Will my photos be placed online for all to see?
Do you have outfits?What do I need to bring?
What is your Photography StyleCan I get an album?
I'd like to give you a testimonial... but I want to guard my identity
Can these photos be used in a Sexually Oriented Business?
I don't want to be associated with pornWill you photograph men?


I'm nervous about doing this...

This is absolutely normal. Most ladies do not have intimate photos taken on a regular basis like professional models. It's quite normal to feel apprehensive about the session... that's why we have a conference available prior to the photography day. We also recommend you bring a friend. You'll feel more comfortable and will probably have more fun! Almost all of our clients are initially nervous and within twenty minutes are having a great time. Please read the testimonials!

Who is present at my photo shoot?

Usually, only three. myself, Nolan, my wife Lucinda and the hair and makeup artist if you have one. If there are any others... they will have come with you.

Where is your studio?

We're located close to Kuykendahl and Louetta in Spring (North Houston) Texas. We have a professional 1100 sq. ft. studio in our home.   Click Here for photos of our studio! Lucinda and I will both be at your shoot. Click Here or go to Contact Us for a Google Map.

I would be much more comfortable if I could bring a friend, is that permitted?

Sure, we have no objections at all if you would like to bring a friend along. We know that when a friend sees how much fun we have and the quality of work delivered... they'll become a client too!

Ladies, you might want to consider bringing your guy... Guys LOVE watching you during your photography session. It's a big treat for us guys!

Is the photographer male or female?

I, Nolan Conley, a male, will be your photographer and my wife Lucinda will be assisting. We are a husband and wife team and have been happily married for over 29 years. My wife won't let me date other girls, so you are perfectly safe here! Don't take this badly, but I wouldn't trade any woman for my wife anyway!

Here is the problem with using a female photographer and giving your gift to a man. Women shoot images for women that are cute, pretty and frilly... guys are not excited by those qualities. We (men) want a different style of work and that is what I provide. Lucinda and I have been married for almost 30 years and I really like her. Lucinda will also be present at the shoot. You will be comfortable with us in a very short time. We are just down-home folks. We do encourage you to bring a friend... or possibly even better yet... bring your guy. We guys LOVE this stuff and watching the photoshoot is icing on the cake for us. I know that goes against a girl's reasoning... but trust me. It's a fact!

If your gift recipient is a man... then you really want a male photographer.  Here's why...  I (Nolan) was talking with one of my clients the other day and she remarked how I was right about the photo selection and knowing what a man would like.   Her guy loved the photos that I suggested she present to him.  Guys just have different tastes in photos than girls do and a male photographer will better know what those differences are.  However, Lucinda and I work to please both tastes in imagery so we work together to get cute, artful, sensual and sexy photography that will appeal to both our client and her man. 

I have Flaws and don't look like a model...

We all have flaws... even supermodels. We've photographed a lot of models and they all have areas that need to be fixed or different lighting applied to make them look good. Image enhancement software is the "great equalizer"!!! With our custom image manipulation and custom lighting, we'll give you that "magazine cover" look. Even the supermodels have this done. Now, you can too. So, don't wait until you think you look like a model, because those images are custom made, as yours will be. We won't edit you so much that you won't look like yourself... just a more glamorous version of you!

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Will you help me with the posing? I'm not a model.

You do not need modeling experience to look fine & sexy. We will coach you on how to pose and look best for the camera. We also have plenty of ideas! So be prepared to have some fun!

Do you have an outdoor location?

Yes we do! We have 2 wooded and secluded acres on which there is a pond and waterfall.

I'm Looking to Give this Gift on a Special Holiday, How Long does it take to get something to give?

There are several ways you can give this gift.

First, you can be photographed up to the day before your giving deadline. We'll supply you with a lovely proof CD with your photo on it, this way, you and your recipient can choose your photos together. That might be a lot of fun for you two.

Secondly, if you want your finished product to give... we need to have your print selection 10 days before your gift date for prints and two to three weeks for the "little black books". For the contemporary albums, allow up to four weeks. There may be additional time needed if more retouching is requested or needed.

What is Boudoir Photography?

It's glamour photography that's a little sexy taken in lingerie or other intimate items. The photographs taken are head shots to three-quarters and sometimes full length. Retouching (depending on package) by Nolan Conley will give you an image that's magazine cover quality! This is really cool! This is a private, non-commercial use service.

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What is Fine (Artistic) Nude Photography?

Fine Artistic Nudes are artful bodyscapes... creating a work of art using our clients figure. Our nudes are never tacky or distasteful, but with an artistic flair and showcasing your beauty. Retouching (depending on package) by Nolan Conley will give you an image that's magazine cover quality! This is really cool! This is a private, non-commercial use service.

What is Glamour Photography?

It's basically modeling photography with a much sexier flavor. The photographs taken are head shots to three-quarters. Retouching (depending on package) by Nolan Conley will give you an image that's magazine quality! This is really cool! This is a private, non-commercial use service.

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But I want some glamour, boudoir and fine nudes... do I need to purchase extra sittings to get these?

My Sensual Gift is designed to provide the images that you want and most of the time, this includes some glamour and boudoir images with some clients electing to have a artistic nude or two done. Additional sittings aren't necessary. We do charge extra if your time allotment is exceeded.... but we go over that with you before that time has past. We really leave it to our clients to tell us what they would like.

How old must I be to have this type of photography done?

It is our policy that you must be at least 21 years of age. This type of photography is meant to be an intimate gift a lady may do for herself or a gift for a that special someone in her life.

How does the process begin?

We suggest a conference before the day of photography. This gives the client an opportunity to meet with us, Nolan & Lucinda. This can also be done via phone if you are an out of town client. During the conference, we will discuss the type of photography desired, costuming, props and scheduling. So give us a call at 281-320-8644 and we'll set this up.

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When can I see the photos?

How about right after they are taken! We'll show you the photos on our large monitors and show you how the retouching makes the difference! We will "glamourize" one of you photos to show you how the retouching is applied so when you go home with your proof cd... you will have a better understanding of what we'll do to the images you select.

Are there any limits on what you will photograph?

Yes, we will photograph ladies in evening attire, lingerie and elegant nudes, anything other than this is strictly prohibited. Only one person is allowed in the photos. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time. We will not shoot porn. Period.

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I'm concerned that photos I take with your studio might show up elsewhere...

We have the following policy concerning the purchase and distribution of boudoir, glamour or intimate photos. Only the client (the lady being photographed) may purchase or place reorders for her photographs. no one else, even her husband, is allowed to purchase the photos, EVER.

My Sensual Gift or any associated with it will not use our client's photographs for any purpose other than for sale to the client who appears on the photographs. For the client's information, a models release must be obtained by the photographer before any photographs can be used for publication, advertising or any other purpose. Just having a sitting with a photographer doesn't give the photographer this release.

If we would want to use any of your photos for advertising purposes, we would have to obtain a separate written release and specify which image would be used. Again, just having a sitting for your own purposes does not give the photographer a models release. Any examples you see are secured for use by a written model release.

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Will my Photos be displayed online... for all to see???

Your photos will NEVER be displayed online or anywhere, I repeat, ANYWHERE, without a written release while under our control. We have no control (or want to have control except for if you using the images commercially or prohibited sexually oriented business use) over what YOU do with your photos after we deliver them to you. Even the testimonial photos must be approved in writing before being placed for viewing on the testimonial page.

Do you have any outfits or do I need to supply them all?

We have a selection of outfits and costume jewelry on hand. We carry different fabric wraps, different colors of pearls and some lingerie outfits. With our lingerie items... we wash them after each use for health reasons. We really encourage you to bring your favorite lingerie, fitted to your size.

What do I need to bring to the shoot?

We suggest you bring some outfits that are special to you. You may have been given something special to commemorate an anniversary or birthday, using these will make the portraits extra personal. If you guy is a sports fan... you might want to bring (get) his favorite team jersey... you get the idea! Basically, figure out what he likes and feature these ideas in your photos.

To be fully prepared for the shoot... we suggest you put each "look" in a shopping bag, along with the accessories, shoes etc. for that look. Use one bag per look and you'll be organized. We have a table you can lay your outfits out on and our dressing room has ample clothing hangars and hooks available.

You may also bring props to the shoot. His favorite piece of sports equipment or clothing, something that goes with his occupation. We are also a fishing and gun-friendly studio and you can bring his favorite firearm... just let us check it when you bring it in so we can make sure it's unloaded and safe to pose with.

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Do you provide professional hair and makeup?

We do work with a professional hair and makeup artist. Depending on which package you choose... The H&M charge may be additional or included. See our pricing guide to see if your desired package includes H&M or not. If not, it's available with prices listed by your chosen package. You are asked to bring your base makeup and mascara with you to the session when you have H&M.

What is your style of photography?

Well, it depends on what the client wants, however, I like images that are soft and romantic as well as overtly sexy, the kind of photos most guys like. Images that are sensual but very elegant are my favorites. Our artistic nudes are done this way. The main factor is what the client wants. We will determine this in the pre-photography conference.

Can I get an album?

Yes... we have several styles of albums available... Click Here for our Album Information. You must purchase a photo package first to get photos to make an album.

I'd like to give you a testimonial... but I want to guard my identity...

This is fine. We can use a photo other than a face shot. You'll see one of these in the testimonial page. We can also use a middle name or a nickname as well. I also have a large supply of model photos I can you in place of your image. We only ask that the sentiment of your testimonial be accurate.

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Can I use these photos commercially or for sexually oriented businesses?

For legitimate outlets such as women's clothing stores or lingerie shops... we would apply the commercial rate and have a usage rights agreement. For sexually oriented businesses (SOB) ... the answer is NO. NO rights are implied, given, transferred or sold for SOB use. This is strictly prohibited!

I don't want to be associated with porn...

We don't either and won't be! This is a private photography service for women who want to give a special gift or take photos for themselves in a safe environment. This is not a commercial service. See the above topic.

If a prospective client cannot differentiate between sexually oriented business use / promotion and the personal gift between two people who love each other... we would prefer not to have you as a client.

If a client wants a porn shoot... It will be denied.

Will you photograph men for boudoir, sexy looks, lingerie, cross-dressing, fetishes and nudes or any other type of sexy photos?

No. Thank you. My photography passion is for women only. I like women, I married one and like her very much! After many years of marriage... I still like her!

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