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Once I decided to look into a boudoir modeling session as a gift for my husband, I discovered your website and knew that your style of photography was exactly what I was looking for. From the moment I walked in, I felt comfortable and completely at ease. I felt totally pampered while I was transformed during the professional makeup application. By the time my makeover was done, I felt sexy and glamorous, and my photo shoot was very relaxed and fun. Because of you, the experience was absolutely wonderful. This has been one of the most exciting things that I have ever done for myself! I had an absolutely fantastic time at the photo session, and owe you a million thanks for making it such a memorable event. I felt as if you were more of a friend than someone I just met.
You are a very professional and talented artist, with an interesting sense of humor.

And my photos! Wow! They really turned out amazing, and Richard adores them. We both think the photos show your passion and love for photography! Thanks again for the wonderful photos, as well as for making this such a positive overall experience for both of us. We will definitely be back!


I was excited and nervous not knowing what to expect. When I arrived I was immediately welcomed warmly and felt comfortable, and relaxed to my surprise! Because I was so nervous, I had forgotten so many items to use on the shoot but there were so many beautiful items for me to chose from there!!

The photoshoot was actually so much fun! Nolan really does bring out the best in you!! I was so surprised to see how many shots were taken. Nolan has the utmost respect for his clients and his professionalism and customer service is exceptional. Nolan and Lucinda are a wonderful team that produces wonderful, tasteful and high quality work. I could not have asked for a better experience.



This year my husband had been traveling extensively and I wanted to give him a special gift and decided to take professional photos. I had wanted photos for many years but I always dismissed the idea, thinking my body was never ready. All my concerns and worries were gone after speaking with Lucinda for a few minutes and proceeded to make my appointment for the following week.
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